Ron Wheadon

Music Composer, Audio Recording and Sound Production

Custom Music and Audio tracks

Composer, arranger and performer. Original music compositions and tracks for a wide variety of uses. Electronic music, scoring for video and animation, MIDI sequencing, guitar and bass tracks, soundscapes and VR production.
Professional audio production. Multi-track recording, mixing and mastering. Sound efx, dialogue and foley recording, CD or Digital content.
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Placeholder Picture Trailer Park Adventures

Spain - Chick Corea

my tribute to a legend who recently passed away
6:36min 9.07MB

Original Compositions

some fun over cubase drum loops
4:32min 8.31MB

funky guitar and bass improv
3:57min 7.23MB

smooth improv groove lounge
3:07min 7.14MB

funky bass groove
2:07min 2.88MB

Jazz Standards

acoustic guitar original tune
3:30min 4.82MB

Line for Lyons
Line for Lyons (Gerry Mulligan)
4:24min 8.05MB

Black Orpheus
Black Orpheus (Louis Bonfi)
5:54min 13.5MB

Four (Miles Davis)
3:27min 7.92MB

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