Music and Audio ron wheadon

Music and Audio Production

Composer, arranger, and performer. Original music compositions and tracks for a wide variety of uses. Visit the BLOG page for some of my latest projects.
Audio Production services Sound efx, foley, audio mixdown and production, with over thirty years of experience in the industry.

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Music tracks

Music tracks recorded and edited with Cubase VST, I play guitar, bass and keyboards, thanks to Alpha Woldenga for the drums on Black Orpheus and to Band-in-a-box software for the percussion and some other tracks.


original funk groove
2:07min 4.82MB

Galaxy 40

original spacetrack
3:46min 6.9MB

Shadow of your smile

Shadow of your smile (Johnny Mandel)
5:27min 12.4MB

Black Orpheus

Black Orpheus (Louis Bonfi)
5:54min 13.5MB

My Old School

original track for the Troll Bros project
3:19min 7.62MB

Rocket Ronnie

action racer game music
4:07min 7.56MB


Four (Miles Davis)
3:27min 7.92MB


Wildflower (Wayne Shorter)
3:17min 6.03MB