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Whetech Services

Ron Wheadon



104-4000 27 Avenue
Vernon, B.C. V1T 1S6

Whetech Services was founded in 1982 by Ron Wheadon to provide audio/visual, musical and graphics services. We have continued to expand with technology to provide visualization solutions for the architectural community and beyond.

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General Pricing Guidelines

Project Fees are based on an hourly rate, estimated from the scope of the project. Additional costs may include extra hours for revisions, supplies and travel expenses. For CAD and 2D graphics please provide copies of graphics, logos, titleblocks and all reference information in an electronic format. As-built and CAD drafting requiring site visits are limited to the Okanagan Valley, subject to travel expenses and practical schedules. For 3D Models please provide the model file or CAD files if available, we can work with PDF or image files providing they have written dimensions, otherwise additional hours may be needed to setup and scale the drawings. If you provide your own model, please contact us for the acceptable model and texture file types. Timelines may vary but turnaround time for CAD projects is usually 1-2 weeks. 3D models and visualization projects depend on the complexity and may take up to a month. We require 20% of the arranged fee down prior to commencing the work, the balance due on completion.