Architectural Illustration

Autocad & Revit drafting

Construction and Permit packages, plans, sections, elevation graphics

Portfolio reel

3D modelling and animation

Sketch-up and 3DSmax, virtual 3D models, walkthrus and animations


Architectural illustration

Graphic packages, exterior and interior views, photo-realistic

Sample Project

Geographic visualization

Virtual golf course design, cityscapes, Google Earth mapping


example project, from concept to complete 3D virtual tours
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Autocad and Revit drafting

CAD as-built or conceptual design ..CAD drafting packages, Autocad or Revit, complete construction sets.

Massing models and mapping ..for site plans, urban planning and civil projects.

Naramata floorplan

Sketch-up illustration

Conceptual design, xray and artistic renderings ..virtual models built for conceptual development.

Interior design and development images ..blocking, fit and stacking plans, colored presentation work.

Naramata interior sketch

Google Earth and Sketch-up

Google Earth and Sketch-up animations ..flyby and walkthrus, interactive Google Earth apps and mapping.

Download Video: Closed Format: "MP4" Open Format: "Ogg"

WebGL and website integration

3D models on custom websites ..interactive media to compliment the design process.

Real Estate and marketing ..virtual tours of pre-built developments.

virtual model

Three.js virtual model

Naramata floorplan

3DS max photo-realistic imaging

Image packages and artwork textures, landscapes, sun and shadow studies.

Virtual models ..realistic materials from colorboard samples in 3D virtual enviroments.

Naramata virtual interior

Virtual tours and animations

Flyby or walkthru tours ..HD quality video animations, with realistic materials, lighting and shadows.

Download Video: Closed Format: "MP4" Open Format: "Ogg"

Virtual Flyby example clip

Flyby tour renderings ..Sketch-up, with Twilight Render, 3DSmax and Unity 3D animation clips.

Download Video: Closed Format: "MP4" Open Format: "Ogg"

Material RGB selector

architects toolkit

test various materials or RGB colors on virtual models, design by Rono

Material RGB selector

Private Residence

architectal virtual tours

example of flyby and interior walker in a private residence, design by Rono

Private Residence tour video Private Residence webGL

Exterior Flyby

...example virtual flyby clip

Interior Tour

...example virtual interior

Virtual Golf

golf course virtual tours

example of flyby and walker on a golf hole, design by Rono

Golf webGL

Golf Flyover01

...flyover of a single hole, Par 4 dogleg right on YouTube

Golf Flyover02

...tour of a virtual golf course on YouTube

Geographic Visualization

...example virtual cityscape tour