Troll brothers by Rono

Music Video from the Troll Brothers project, featuring rigged characters created in 3DSmax and Zbrush, textured in Substance Painter and added to scenes in Unity. Using mocap animations from Carnegie-Mellon, modified for the scenes and other assets from the Asset Store to create the timelines. The audio was recorded with Cubase VST and drum tracks from Band-in-a-box. All performance and tracks by Rono 2019

Animated to original music and sound effects

Bread Basket

The story of a hard working bread winner, music 'Bread Basket' by Rono 2019

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Cars in the Rain

Thinking back to lost love and the memories it holds, music 'Cars in the Rain' by Rono 2019 *vocals by Wilf Kozub (Wilf N and the Grown Men)

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Centre Stage

The thrill of the stage lights and the possible future it holds, music 'Centre Stage' by Rono 2019

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City Lights are Fading

The Troll brothers adventures on tour, driving hard and fast, music 'City Lights are Fading' by Rono 2019

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Find A Way

The Troll brothers take a trip back into the seventies, music 'Find A Way' by Rono 2019

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Hey Joe

Life is tough on the docks, hard work relying on the season's catch, music 'Hey Joe' by Rono 2019

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Lost At Sea

A young man's dreams and the unfolding story of life, music 'Lost at Sea' by Rono 2019

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Trees are laughing with and enjoying the children playing all around, music 'Trees' by Rono 2019

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