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funkyman unity3D example music scenes
  • the Chicken...run around the barren landscape to the chicken music
  • Sea Journey...jazz groove in this misty first person control scene
  • Funkyman tour...funkyman, original music in a fast moving landscape
  • Dunes of Bondo...another snappy beat on this small deserted island

Virtual Development

3D virtual worlds and content
  • Immersive landscapes for virtual tours and architectural design
  • Music scenes, recording, sound efx and mixing for audio creation
  • Game project deployment to PC, Mac, Mobile, WebGL, and VR
  • 3D models and animation with unity3D, 3dsMax, and Sketch-up
  • Custom content for websites, YouTube and multimedia production
  • Professional quality images and print with Photoshop editing

jazz club architectural and more examples
  • Private Residence...exterior flyby and virtual first person interior walker
  • Material/RGB WebGL ...select materials or colors on a virtual model
  • Caverns...an adventure game quest thru the caverns for a big bad red soda
  • virtual golf ...three different options to view a single golf hole in unity3D webgl