Virtual worlds Unity3D developer

Virtual Development

3D virtual worlds and content
  • Immersive landscapes for virtual tours and architectural design, game production or broadcast media
  • First or third person control, allowing you the freedom to move around and explore the scene
  • VR and AR capable mobile or standalone packages for real-time virtual immersive experiences
  • Music and audio production for added realism, scenes for composers and artists in a 3D portfolio platform
  • 3DSmax and Sketch-up software to create 3D models, CAD to carry your design into a virtual model of scale
  • Interactive controls to change materials or RGB colors, to test different looks and assist in the design process
  • Custom website, graphic and multimedia creation to share your model and visions with others

Unity video reel 2018

unity rono2018

...view my latest video demo of projects made with Unity, featuring original music and scene design...enjoy!

Projects created with Unity ...webGL

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, spacebar to jump and mouse to look around...have fun
NOTE: WebGL files are not supported on mobile devices and the large files may not play on all browsers

the Chicken

Unity3D virtual walker in a chicken landscape with music track 'the Chicken' by Jaco, performance and game design by Rono

Chicken WebGL


Unity3D virtual walker in a virtual landscape with original music track 'Funkyman' and game design by Rono

Funkyman WebGL

Sea Journey

Unity3D virtual walker in a misty landscape with music track 'Sea Journey' by Chick Corea, performance and game design by Rono

Sea Journey WebGL

Dunes of Bondo

Unity3D virtual walker on a foggy island, with original music and game design by Rono

Dunes of Bondo WebGL

Caverns Quest

Unity3D virtual walker in a cavern, try to find the soda machine, game design by Rono

Caverns Quest WebGL

Under the Bridge

virtual tour

Video demo of the project in the works, life under the bridge, music by Rono

Under the Bridge

Images of virtual landscapes