whetech services
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Unity Virtual Music Scenes

the Chicken...beats in the chicken shack

Sea Journey...gettin' down in the swamp

Funkyman tour...cruise with the funkyman

Dunes of Bondo...snappy beat in the fog

Virtual Development

3D virtual worlds and content
  • Immersive landscapes for virtual tours and architectural design
  • Music scenes, recording, sound efx and mixing for audio creation
  • Unity Pro user, deployment to PC, Mac, Mobile, WebGL, and VR
  • 3D models and animation with Unity, 3dsMax, and Sketch-up
  • Custom content for websites, YouTube and multimedia production
  • Professional quality images and print with Photoshop editing

Architecture and Games
jazz club

Material/RGB WebGL ...Interactive architectural tools

Caverns...the quest thru the caverns

Under the Bridge...fullness - life under the bridge

Private Residence...flyby and virtual interior walker