Music and Audio ron wheadon

Music and Sound

Composer, arranger and performer. Original music compositions and tracks for a wide variety of uses. Electronic music, scoring for video and animation, soundscapes and VR production, original music/video animations.

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Audio Production services

Sound efx, foley, audio mixdown and production, recording with Cubase VST music software and Wavelab mastering. Creating professional tracks or multi-track recording and mixing, mastering with CD or Digital distribution services available.

Music tracks

Music tracks recorded and edited with Cubase VST, I play guitar, bass and keyboards and use Band-in-a-box software and some Cubase loops for the percussion and sometimes, piano tracks. Here is one of my latest compositions, using Cubase loopset Ambient Lounge for the drum tracks.


Original Compositions


some fun over cubase drum loops
4:32min 8.31MB


funky guitar and bass improv
3:57min 7.23MB


smooth improv groove lounge
3:07min 7.14MB


funky bass groove
2:07min 2.88MB

Jazz Standards


acoustic guitar original tune
3:30min 4.82MB

Line for Lyons

Line for Lyons (Gerry Mulligan)
4:24min 8.05MB

Black Orpheus

Black Orpheus (Louis Bonfi)
5:54min 13.5MB


Four (Miles Davis)
3:27min 7.92MB

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