Ron Wheadon adventures

3D Content Production

Lost in the Grooveyard

Lost in the Grooveyard

Lost in the Grooveyard, Rono on an adventure in an unknown neighbourhood...created with Character Creator, animations and scene in Unity and iClone. Lost in the Grooveyard audio, composed by Rono.



Superstition, featuring Rono and clones...created with Character Creator, animations and scene in Unity and iClone. Audio track is a version of the Stevie Wonder tune 'Superstition', performed by Rono.

3D rigged characters galore!!

Props and scenes, low poly, LOD's and animations. Check out some of the characters on the CHARACTER page

Updated Music/video

A new version of Cars in the Rain, with a character created with Character Creator and animations modified in iClone, using the original Unity scene.
Two new versions of Centre Stage, still rough edits, new version of the actress. One version is the original scene in Unity and the second is the animations with music in iClone.
More work in progress with iClone animations and characters added to; Find a way, Bread Basket and to Lost at Sea, original music tracks remain.


Lounge Grooves


A series of tunes, instrumental jazz/lounge feel with bass and guitar tracks over smooth drum loops. Recorded with Cubase VST. Lounge Smooth06

RONO 2020

Music-videos of some original 3D characters rigged for animation in Unity, featuring original music and tracks, just waiting for the gig!

Original Clips

more music-video links, original scenes created using Unity software

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