multimedia production

For the latest music video creations, visit my channel on  YouTube

Ron Wheadon composer artist

Music Videos- 2D or 3D animated characters in custom scenes with original music tracks. Characters with lip-sync, expressions and motion. Multimedia production for a wide variety of applications.

Original music composition, arranging, performance and recording services. Multi-track recording and mixing with Cubase VST, mastering with Wavelab software. More info at my Music page
Character creation and animation, Unity game developer, scene creator for 2D, 3D and VR projects. More info at my Info page

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Enviro Jazz YouTube

The enviro jazz series, based on a common musical theme, three versions. Enviro Groove Tropical
Enviro Groove Night Shift
Enviro Groove Forest Funk
Scene created with Character Creator, iClone and Unity. The music performed by Rono and recorded with Cubase VST ©2023

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Soul is Right YouTube

Soul is Right, a blues groove from Trailer Park Adventures, shed a little light, make sure your soul is right!

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Unity demo YouTube

A compilation of some projects in a video clip with original music, using Unity3D, 3DSmax, Sketch-up, CubaseVST and Band-in-a-box software, created the scenes, composed and played the music, except the drums from BIAB

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Viral Guitars Bandcamp

My latest CD release, 13 tracks of original instrumental jazz/rock compositions, featuring guitar, bass, keyboard and drum programming, along with some harmonica and recorder...cheers