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Composer Musician

Having studied electronic music composition and performance at McEwan University many years ago, I have continued creating original works and performing live. I play guitar, bass, keyboards and program music software for creating tracks. Using Cubase VST music software, I record a wide range of performances and synthesize virtual orchestral instruments for multimedia uses. For final mastering and multimedia creation, I use Wavelab and Powerdirector software.

Music tracks (mp3)

my tribute to a legend (Chick Corea)
6:36min 12.1MB

jazz standard (Miles Davis)
3:27min 7.92MB

original funk groove
2:07min 2.88MB

Donna Lee
bass solo groove (Charlie Parker)
1:45min 17.7MB

acoustic guitar original tune
3:30min 4.82MB

Online Music

Viral Guitars my latest instrumental CD

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RONO 2020 original music tracks

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