multimedia production

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Character Creation

I create custom 3D characters, modeled in 3DSmax, Zbrushcore and Character Creator software. 2D characters are created with Cartoon Animator software. Textures and materials with Substance Painter and Photoshop. A wide variety of characters can be created, all fully rigged to animate in a scene.

Characters feature lip-sync, facial expressions and facial mocap. I create animations in iClone and Unity software, for production with Powerdirector software to create a wide range of multimedia. Custom scenes are created with vegetation, props and actions.

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Soul is Right YouTube

Soul is Right, a blues groove from Trailer Park Adventures, shed a little light, make sure your soul is right!

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Forever Medd/Shaw YouTube

An example of a 2D animated music video. The scene I've created with Cartoon Animator software. The music track 'Forever' by Medd/Shaw

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Trailer Park Adventures YouTube

Trailer Park Adventures 03 Equanimity - Music video/scenes by Rono, created with Character Creator, iClone, CTA4 and Unity. A series of music/video clips about life ©2021, check out the others on my YouTube channel.

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Smooth YouTube

Original music recorded with Cubase, I play guitar and bass, loops were from Ambient Lounge set, character and scene created with iClone and Character Creator, dance from Content packs, edited to the music. whetech 2020

Whetech background

WHETECH ...I started the business in 1982 to get involved in theatre technical work after finishing a diploma in music performance. I had also studied electronic music and recording techniques. I have spent many years composing and recording music, performing in shows, mixing sound and doing technical work for lots of productions. Having worked as an architectural technologist and also on virtual renderings, I have recently been busy with Unity, iClone, Character Creator and other software to create these music video clips.